What to Enter

People tend to work on the urgent tasks and forget or put off the important ones. But the important ones are where real success and risk avoidance lay.

This is guidance about how and what tasks should be entered in Program Leader.

  1. Non-recurring tasks for others to do should be put into Program Leader. They can easily be forgotten or remembered too late by either party, with serious consequences.
  2. Contrast no. 1 to recurring tasks that are done repeatedly. For instance, weekly meetings and time sheet reminders don’t belong in Program Leader.
  3. Good performance rests upon how well you and the “employee responsible” agree that the written task is the right description of the expectation. Blanchard and Johnson’s The One Minute Manager describes the right way to document a task. The amount of detail to write depends upon the skill level the person has to perform the task. A learning employee needs more detail and scope in the task description. The effectiveness of meeting task deadlines can be measured in any of the Metric reports available from the Program Leader menu.
  4. The Notes section can be used to document progress by the employee responsible. Simple have the person enter today’s date and a short update. The field has plenty of room for layers of updates. The External Activity Panel facilitates emailing sets of tasks to resources for review and comment. They need a copy of Program Leader installed.
  5. Risks should be documented in Program Leader because it can tally risk values. Due dates for risk activities take on a different meaning. I recommend setting the due date to the next time the risk should be re-evaluated.
  6. Any task the client requests get done or monitored should always be entered.
  7. Tasks that the client needs to do should always be entered.
  8. Tasks that are administrative in nature, and not intended for the client to view, should be assigned to a Performing Organization project. This kind of project is available in the Advanced mode (toggle the Basic/Advanced button under the Program Leader name in the Activity, Financial, or Project Entry Panel). There is a video that covers Client and Performing Organization projects.
  9. Tasks for yourself that can be done in a day or two are better administered by writing them in a personal calendar.