The Two-Minute Introduction to Program Leader®

Let me introduce myself. I’m Mark Ramsay, President of Effective Project Solutions. I’ve project managed and project consulted for decades in the chemical and building industries. I’ve led multimillion dollar projects in the BMS and ESCO sectors. Others have seen fit to grant me seven awards for my projects. I attribute some of the success to inventing and using Program Leader. It’s gotten gotten such positive feedback about it that I made it usable for others.

The first way Program Leader helped me was by improving client satisfaction. By showing clients a four-part status report, they saw that I was managing details well. This gave them confidence that the big-picture matters were also being attended to. My invoices were getting accepted.

My resources were motivated by clearly written goals in a trackable format that they bought into. I wrote the tasks according to The One Minute Manager principles.

Program Leader allowed tasks to be managed that were too small and numerous to track with classic Gantt software. However, Program Leader now displays tasks in Gantt form, offering predecessor linkage.

I felt and my employers felt that I was more on-top of my projects because Program Leader framed discourse according to PMBOK’s Communication best practice. I was able to report cost and risk trends accurately by tagging tasks with financial information.

Finally, the metric reports allowed me to look at the big picture to find out what could use more or less of my leadership.

Program Leader is easy to learn, implement, and use effectively. It’s well documented with training videos and in-application help instructions. It downloads from my website onto a host computer.

Would you be interested in assessing whether it would fit into you operations? In the meantime you may want to review my company’s website, its videos, and download a trial version.