The A5 Leadership Model

This is a proven way to move a team to action. Program Leader’s four-part reports facilitate it better than anything I have tried.

The A5 model is five steps to achieve team commitment. This was developed under the Organizational Effectiveness leadership umbrella:

  1. Individual Awareness Team members voice their awareness about a subject or issue.
  2. Group Awareness Team members compare and contrast awareness to agree on a group awareness.
  3. Individual Aims Team members offer their ways to take action on the group awareness.
  4. Group Aims Team members compare and contrast action to agree and commit upon an action(s).
  5. Action The team executes the agreed action.

The four-part report facilitates A5 in this manner:

  1. The Recently Completed Activities report section gets the team focused upon the project by praising successful completions of work since the last meeting. Usually there is group awareness about the success of the endeavor. The team is then in a mood to work harmoniously upon the next sections of the report. The report allows the project manager to set the date in history for filtering completed activities.
  2. The Late Activities report section gets the team working upon resolving items that did not get done. This will move the team through all A5 items, as it grapples about what is best to do in a way that balances objectives.
  3. The Activities to Complete in Two Weeks report section helps cement goal setting. It gets the team to ensure there is one group awareness about what successful completion of upcoming activities entails.
  4. The All Activities report section is a time for team to contemplate past completions and anything else in the future that should be brought up in this meeting. Again, this begets individual awareness, then the group participates in deciding if any action is warranted. The meeting adjourns after this.