Task Management Improves Project Leadership

A project is about many things. The Construction Industry Institute®, in its Pre-Project Planning Handbook, starts off stating that making decisions is what a project is about. The project manager’s role is to lead the implementation of decisions. This is where Program Leader® contributes – it constitutes task creation’s documentation step as recommended in Spencer and Blanchard’s The One Minute Manager. Once entered in Program Leader, the task can be monitored and controlled for client satisfaction, time, and cost.

A project is also about risk management. Risks can be entered, assigned a dollar value, and assigned a probability value on the Financial Entry panel. Having risks in the same database as task reports makes life simpler.

Project teams sometimes are staffed with unfamiliar resources and subcontractors. An invisible teambuilding process begins and goes through these stages: forming, storming, norming, and performing. Task management can speed the movement through these stages by documenting tasks unequivocally so that people stay aware of and transparent with their accountability irrespective of teaming conflicts.%

The foregoing reveals that task management is a vehicle for project leadership. It reveals the values of the project manager which then guides subordinates and subcontractors into fulfilling the PM’s needs. The nature of the tasks written into Program Leader shows the PM’s values as what needs to be tracked. Tasks recorded also explain the choices of conversations the PM starts or participates. The database of tasks becomes a bible of what the project was all about and what the project team focused upon to meet its objectives.