Strategic Benefits

So, how can Program Leader help the user strategically?

Here are six ways –

  • There is almost nothing better for a project than productive, confidence-building status meetings with clients. Program Leader’s four-part client report consistently has set the atmosphere for the most productive meetings I have ever led. It works along the lines of the A5 model It will work for you, too.
  • Do you really know what cost impacts are looming? Program Leader tracks budgets of potential changes, risk exposure, and committed costs.
  • Are your resources and subcontractors understanding you? Are they productive? How do you really know? Program Leader has metrics for task performance, so you can control events while they are still relatively easy to fix.
  • Other task management programs let others edit activities. This is bad practice. Program Leader keeps you in control of the activity database.
  • Program Leader operates rapidly, as it does not rely upon a remote server. But it can email sets of tasks to others for update.
  • It has reports ready for the construction industry. You don’t have to spend time creating templates.

What else can be said about Program Leader’s strategic benefits?

  • You have to construct a report for the client about the tasks. Clients have told me they appreciate the detail that a task report presents. And the four-part method is an ideal way to set an environment for purposeful discussion.
  • Where do you now track the status of the change order approval and implementation process? Does it roll-up costs by project, resource, or subcontractor? Can you do it in minutes, upon demand?
  • A paper system doesn’t track adherence to dates. If you wanted to complain to a president of a subcontracting firm, he or she will be more motivated to help you if you show specifics of your problem.
  • Do your resources complete the tasks in a way that you don’t think you asked for? The written word was probably missing and, importantly, not shared with the task doer. Einstein recognized that a poorly penned list is better than the best memory.