Program Leader supports Gantt Scheduling Software

Schedules are established early in the job before detail is fully elaborated. Scheduling software by Primavera and Microsoft, for example, are popular for establishing and tracking against baselines once the job gets to a size where informal methods can’t monitor progress. But this software does not accommodate adding project detail, detail that develops as projects become more elaborated. Adding detail to a major schedule while maintaining the integrity of earned value baselines and resource leveling raises project control cost. Major scheduling software also does not report detail well, and detail is what clients become most interested in when a job nears closing.

Task management is a combination of Management by Objectives (MBO) from the 1970’s, and a fast way of recording tasks that need accountability, communication, and cost accounting. As a former project manager in the design and construction industry, I wrote Program Leader that borrows the concept of MBO to fill the niche between informal tracking methods and major scheduling software. Program Leader software differentiates itself from the marketplace by treating tasks as fixed goals, intended to remain relatively static. Competitors do this, too, but confuse the user experience with tools for task execution. These tools overlap with software that the project manager probably has (e.g., email, calendars, and contact lists).