Program Leader®: KEY FEATURES aimed at your PRODUCTIVITY

  1. It is ready to operate without your configuration.
  2. Task, budget, cost, and performance metric reports are pre-written to meet the needs of a project and program manager responsible for one or many projects.
  3. Allows display all of someone’s direct and indirect task assignments. This provides a complete agenda forinteraction.
  4. Reports tasks on two lines, allowing larger, more readable font.
  5. Reports query activities with respect to distinct entities: your clients, WBS managers, Program Managers, subcontractors, employee responsible for tasks, and functional business units.
  6. Client reports hide project activities dealing with the performing organization’s internal business.
  7. Makes a list of incomplete records to assist the user in their completion in order that reports capture all relevant work.
  8. Mass editing of name changes is simple and automatic.
  9. Runs rapidly on local computer, without use of a server.