Program Leader History in Brief

Twenty-five years ago, software books that I read saw a future in high-level languages so that end-users could design their own solutions. End users know what they need and what is frivolous, because they have lived the circumstances of their workplace. Would you buy a car designed by someone who never drove one? Of course not! That is why experience qualifies end users to author solutions, if they have the ability, education, and experience. The technology has allowed them as well, as back in the 80’s a 15 Mz machine was standard. The programmer had to resort to near machine language to obtain fast sort speeds. Now the speeds allow for more powerful commands, automatic data-type handling, and memory space assignment.

There are still task management programs being written by those who have apparently not constructed. I saw a post recently of a programmer building one, pixel by pixel. Dwelling in such detail gives no assurance of providing an experience that users need. So, for the design and construction industry, for firms with complex organizations, I wrote Program Leader. I first wrote it using Lotus 1-2-3 macros to solve an office dilemma (it had 1000 characters of code), then I rewrote it using Hypercard and Mac machine language in the early 1990s. I posted it on AOL, and in 1 week, 990 people downloaded it. And this is when 2% of the world were Mac users.

Program Leader is the task management software that you would have written for yourself. I rewrote it over the last 3 years in my spare time using Filemaker 11, tested it with third parties, and have it for sale as a stand-alone solution. Please see my website and turn up your volume. A 7-minute video introducing it auto-starts. All training videos are on the site, and the solution can be downloaded for a 30-day trial. Http:// Good tasking.

Mark Ramsay