“Non-Functional” System Requirements – White Paper

User acceptance of a solution involves attributes that don’t depend upon how well it functions. Below is a discussion of Program Leader®’s conformance to what’s called “Non-Functional” software metrics established by the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB).  I have Fundamental Level certification from the Board.

An advantage for the individual user is that Program Leader imposes a lot less work to get started compared with competition. You don’t need to organize an IT project for it just to begin. However, before installing Program Leader® on a company computer, your company policy may require IT review.  Please share this Post with them. If IT has further questions, they can call Effective Project Solutions. LLC at 410-442-8250.


  1. Licensed users can download a fresh Program Leader copy which automatically replaces the old one and automatically imports user data from a folder entitled “Maintenance”.


  1. Meets expectations of execution speed,
  2. Filemaker has already tested functionality on the OSs listed on the Effective Project Solutions website. Effective Project Solutions has tested Program Leader on Windows 7 and Vista.  Version Vista and 10 has been used successfully.  Program Leader is compatible with all version 8’s.  It’s been tested on MAC OS 10.9 Mavericks.  It is compatible with OS 10.10 Yosemite.
  3. (4-11-16 note: versions for earlier Windows and Mac systems have been deprecated, that is, they are no longer being sold).


  1. A Basic User mode so that you can understand and learn it “on a Saturday morning,”
  2. Attractive interface: large type, lack of clutter, use of colored backgrounds,
  3. “Wizards” automate record creation and quality-checking tasks,
  4. Training videos start with icons, video catalog on Effective Project Solutions – Training website, Help text opens with icons, complete documentation, Read-Me-Firsts,
  5. Alpha testing has been underway for two years. Comments from Beta testers have been incorporated,
  6. Allows multiple windows open for project analysis (unlike web apps),
  7. User is alerted of missing data essential to accurate reporting and given an interface for remedy; more subtle data matters are handled by the code and rarely surfaces to the user,
  8. User is confronted with username/password dialog only when license is received and for software updates. Since the user’s computer is started with a password, Program Leader requiring one is viewed as redundant.


  1. Filemaker provides developers with a script debugger, data viewer, and a detailed database report for “static analysis.” Filemaker has a developer user group, and supporting instructional videos and blogs abound.


  1. Filemaker® is a programming language in use for over two decades, at version 14, that is now managed by Apple Computer,
  2. Formulas that encounter a data defect are handled without the user noticing. Stuck execution loops brought on by unusual user key sequence can be halted with the Esc key.


  1. Program Leader can download from anywhere.
  2. Runs on laptops and PCs. Not mobile or tablet? Mobile phones have screens too small for efficient use of Program Leader. Because tablet computers don’t have VGA ports in use by most conference room projectors, they cannot utilize Program Leader’s reports tailored for in-person conferences.
  3. Backup files can be mailed outright or under the External Review structure. Installation is fully automatic and replaces old versions, provided the user has a license.


  1. Affects no existing applications or business operations,
  2. No internet interaction during operation. This curbs malicious attacks.
  3. The software has been developed on a Toshiba Satellite L505 PC using Windows 7, protected by Norton 360 Premier security software, latest version. Backups are stored on the Norton 360 cloud. PC protected by APC UPS. Developer files are transferred to Mac for finishing Mac versions. Transfer is done on private network to a fire-walled Mac Mini with dual Intel processors. The private network is protected by Norton 360. The Mac is backed up by “Time Machine” to a 1 tb drive. Time Machine is turned off when preparing installation packages. Mac Testing also done on another mini running OS10.6.8.
  4. Certification for PC version provided by Comodo.
  5. Certification for Mac was not sought (because Apple wants $99/yr for it), however, Program Leader is created on the Mac directly from the PC version certificated by Comodo.
  6. Program Leader complies with all license terms from third-party developers. See the About page in Program Leader while operating for details.
  7. Program Leader® is a registered trademark at the U.S. Patent Office.
  8. Federal Governmant: Compliance with Section 508 Amendment of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 has not been evaluated.