You can assign product-related tasks to one type of project, and supporting internal tasks to another

  • How you deal with the complex nature of people and projects is your business.  
  • Matters dealing with project organization, finance, project planning and home office setup won’t be visible to the client but available to you.    

Work Packages can be initiated with a task status note

  • This is Program Leader’s way of allowing the project manager to control work starts.  This helps the performing team from doing things impulsively or before stakeholders are informed.
  • The Work Dictionary can be typed in a Spec tab on Activity Entry Panel.

Program Leader can hold the plan for proposal development, and then help control it

  • This is a project in itself, with many work breakdown structure elements and highly descriptive tasks. 
  • Proposal development is too fast-paced to trust to highly technical, rigid scheduling software. Newly found information changes direction frequently.
  • Risks need regular management. You need Program Leader to keep effort organized and sequenced properly, and to cost control it.

Everyone will recognize that client and management status meetings are far more productive with Program Leader

  • Program Leader’s Four-part Client/Program Manager Report sets incredible meeting agendas! Management depart these meetings believing in your competence. 
  • The systematic report style gave me exclusive control over the data. People therefore believed in the data.
  • These meetings were some of the best times of my career.  Make it happen to you! 


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