Keep retrofits on schedule by adding and tracking tasks as field conditions evolve

  • Retrofits are full of surprises, requiring more engineering, material, and labor.
  • Program Leader is fast and flexible for this environment.  Adding and editing tasks is straightforward. 
  • Tasks in Program Leader are much easier to manage than in traditional Gantt software. 
  • A panel view allows easy review of tasks of any text length.  A Status field and attachment tabs give quality content to the task.

    Enter Task, Status, Financials, Links, Specifications, and Attachments Here!

Keep costs in-control with the financial entry and reporting of Program Leader

  • This segment of Program Leader has been acclaimed as the best cost management process available. 
  • Financial Reports aggregate estimated, committed, and risk-based impact of tasks for projects, employees, vendors, and subcontractors.  The reports handle multiple contingency funds and cost codes.
    Budget Risk commitment

    Add Budgets, Risks, and Commitments at Task Level

  • Risks can be entered as tasks, and then be assessed at 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of impact value. Places to record approval, approval date, change order number, and payee are provided.

Show everyone you are concerned about quality.

  • Start every day with Program Leader.
  • Understand the work before your team, help them achieve it, then report progress to stakeholders.
    Web Calendar

    Task Calendar

  • Everybody respects the person who uses a proven system to monitor and control work of the team and consultants.  It makes everyone else’s work easier.

Don’t worry about data entry errors! Program Leader will coach entry

It even makes sure that you provided key data for accurate rendering of project, financial, and metric reports!

Missing Data Report

Missing Data Report


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