Let Program Leader plan recurring manufacturing shutdowns

  • Routine maintenance shutdown jobs can be saved in a Project Template in Program Leader.
  • When it’s time to plan the next shutdown, set the start date and let Program Leader schedule the tasks. 
  • New work can be added and deleted.

Let Program Leader engage relevant staff to plan equipment installations to maximize safety and quality

  • The sequences of vendor-site inspection, delivery, dismantlement, rearrangement, and new equipment installation can be broken down into projects in and of themselves. 
  • Staff involvement will bring life to supporting tasks that their organizations need to perform.  The four-part reports can lead effective meetings to get everyone “on the program.”  
  • The confidence built by using Program Leader improves the quality of each person’s part.  References to drawings and specifications can be put in the attachment tabs.  Each task has a place to show auto-dated status updates. 

Those seeking ISO Certification should look to Program Leader

  • Getting ISO certified in a manufacturing arena is partly a mastery of its semantics.  
  • If ever there were ever a need to reference specifications from tasks, this is it.  
  • The project manager of ISO conformance needs to word things so that individual performers understand work to be done in the right context. Tasks should be phrases as: To…  In a Way That…   So that…  . 
  • Relevant parts of the ISO manual should be put in attachment tabs.  Existing documentation to be reviewed can also be put into or referenced in the tabs.


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