Where does Program Leader Add Value?

  • Where systematic reporting to clients, sponsors, or stakeholders needs improvement.  Many high-powered engineering tools don’t cater to information needs of your client.  They need details from you to maintain their support from their organizations.Meeting
  • Where tasks are usually done by individuals, not groups.   
  • Where issues arise out of nowhere, fast, needing days or weeks to solve.

Program Leader Tailors Reports for Different Positions in your Business

  • People in diverse parts of the business want reports of their tasks and for those they supervise.  Program Leader delivers this.
  • We offer the “Performing Organization Project” category.  It’s for in-house tasks that support a project.  This category excludes these tasks from client review.Home - Navigation Advanced

Program Leader Summarizes Workload (Advanced Version)

  • Resources need to be challenged, not crushed with the amount of work on their plate.  So preview their obligations here:

Effort Load Dashboard

  • You enter estimates of effort (as a decimal number) into tasks.
  • Loading appears in the Gantt Chart for Employee.
  • You add +/- lags to predecessors and successors to alleviate pinch points.

Program Leader Untangles Multiple Projects

  • Shared resources get pulled in all directions in a multi-project environment. After developing a set of tasks with them, print out (or email) your agreements.
  • Every week, review progress with them, using the report as an agenda.  Make adjustments. Provide them a revised document.
  • Resource task summaries are viewed in one of the Metric Reports.

Use Program Leader to Establish Processes

  • The more a business operates by repeatable processes, the more successful it will become.
  • Processes reduce architectural and engineering errors and oversights.
  • Program Leader can store these processes as templates.  Use the template to plan new projects.
  • Continuous Improvement hint:  compare the executed schedule against the baseline on our Gantt charts.  Make improvements to the process and save as a revised template.

Use Program Leader for Total Quality Management

  • Total Quality Management is executed by defining: Perspective, Customer, KPI, Target, and Supporting Initiatives. 
  • Program Leader can help track Initiatives:
    • to build lasting customer relationships,
    • and become (or get closer to) best in class.

Program Leader Reports tasks for Supervisors, Subcontractor Action

  • This allows the project manager to share an employee’s program with their functional manager or subcontractor executive.
  • One of the reasons to meet is to solve problems that the resource can’t. 
  • Reporting by supervisor or executive also is a way to gain their support. It shows that you care about their division or business.


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