Program Leader helps you build trust with the client

  • Scrap the boring meeting minutes!  Program Leader’s unique Four-Part report will show the client that his/her detailed needs are being taken care of conscientiously.
  • Program Leader does this by organizing all the issues that arise in ESCO construction.
    Four-Part Report

    The Four-Part Report Instills Trust!

  • It reveals progress of detailed tasks that project-level Gantt charts mask in complexity.
  • By addressing client needs tranparently, the client will consider your progress billing more favorably!

Program Leader was made for this environment

  • The ESCO is a contractor – “lite”.  It needs to plan and control like a contractor but doesn’t procure direct labor and material.  It does not need full-featured construction management software.
  • ESCOs need to step out with better planning and control methods.  Most, however, haven’t gone beyond office software marketed twenty-five years ago.  Get an edge over competition with Program Leader!
  • Program Leader tracks the cost of new tasks.  Not only that, but the process of initiation, authorization, and payment are tracked.
  • These costs are aggregated into financial reports for project, payee, and employee responsible.
  • Metric reports and Gantt charts will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of project resources.
Budget Risk commitment

Add Budgets, Risks, and Commitments

Financial Report | Payees

Financial Roll-Up for Payees

Metric Report

Metric Report of Clients and Program Managers

Resource Loading

Resource Loading Gantt Reveals Overloads


Program Leader’s forgiving nature helps you excel in projects subject to frequent deviations

Users in fluid situations need to enter and edit data “right now” in the way they’re accustomed.  But that won’t reduce report quality. Program Leader checks data for consistency and completeness.  It advises where to add or fix data.

Program Leader facilitates effective and thorough interaction with project team members

  • Program Leader has ample space for detailed task descriptions, status updates, specifications, and references.
    The one minute manager

    This sold over 5 million copies!

  • These promote communication principles found in The One Minute Manager (by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson).
  • However, Program Leader only allows the licensee to change data.  This ensures that data can be trusted.

Where PMI processes are used, it facilitates managing and controlling stakeholder engagement

Program Leader:

  • contributes to efficient project execution,
  • adds to the project knowledge base,
  • suggests when to engage stakeholders.

In a way that maintains political support for the owner’s representative and project manager. 


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