Have construction involving lots of small scope? Program Leader helps the project manager keep abreast of all of them

  • This environment values good, fast decisions, and quick closing.
    Small scope

    Small, Intricate Scope


  • The challenge is keeping all the scope of work “straight.” Program Leader allows you to narrow your focus to one project, resource, subcontractor, or client. 
  • The financial arm of Program Leader tracks cost and risk exposure.
  • Reports select activities that’s relevant to the report type. So if a resource is working on three projects, the projects’ tasks will show on his/her report.

Have many subcontractors? Program Leader’s 4-part reports keep them on-track with your expectations

Lead your subcontractor meetings with the four-part report.

  • Start the meeting with the Recently Completed Activities” report segment.  It can be set to show what’s been done since the last meeting.Architectural, Engineering, Manufacturing, Systems Engineering, Construction Meeting
  • Continue to the “Late Tasks” segment.
  • Continue to the “Due in Two Weeks segment.
  • Always get a commitment from somebody to perform a new task during the meeting. 
  • Afterwards, update Program Leader, prepare report, pdf-it, and distribute to participants.Web 4 Part Report
    Four Part Titles

    Four-Part Report Pages

Need to link tasks? Save time. Program Leader can auto-link tasks entered sequentially

  • When different people have to do work in series, you need to link the tasks.
  • Give Program Leader a start date, and it will schedule all linked tasks for you.
  • The baseline and forecast feature shows work slippage at a glance on Program Leader’s Gantt charts.Gantt Chart

Client drags their feet authorizing changes? Keep track of client change order processing

  • Change orders abound in directed work contracts in the construction phase.  Motivating the client to review them is a challenge.Three peeps and a Laptop 
  • What helps is a reference to a history of your attempts.  To do this, create a task for each change item. Keep a journal in one of the two “Spec” tabs in Activity Entry.
  • The cost of the change can differ from what the client agrees to pay.  Program Leader sums them separately so you can observe total shortfall.
  • Program Leader’s financial reports can sum by owner funding, contingency funding, and project authorized funds.  You can both track extras and monitor and control work from the same piece of software!

Client keeps adding to final punch list? Program Leader will get you Acceptance sooner!

  • Case Study: Our owner was able to get two final completion signatures from two clients in one week for two projects over $14 million each.  His use of Program Leader throughout the project allowed this to happen!People at site - diverse
  • Program Leader’s ample space to specify punch list items keeps the owner honest to their original requests.  It keeps them honest without loss of face.
  • Because tasks had been reviewed in previous meetings, the client could not claim in good faith misrepresentation and more work required.
  • When client inspected the construction, they inspected the task scope, no more.
  • Program Leader tracks minute and large issues on large projects so that they can be addressed within the master schedule timeframe.  


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