Innovation in Application; What This Means to You!

  • Let our software introduce efficiency in your task management functions.  Spreadsheet-based software can never approach what Program Leader does!
  • Free yourself from developing spreadsheet tools on your own.
  • Free yourself from configuring your business process that competitive offerings make you do.
  • Receive thanks from clients and project sponsors.  They want to see project managers show command over details that they consider essential.
  • Minimize misunderstanding by using our many data fields to specify task descriptions unambiguously.  And then enjoy Program Leader facilitating measuring, monitoring and controlling tasks, projects, and programs.
  • Tackle significant things expected of you instead of tinkering with spreadsheets.  You don’t have to be a software jockey to profit from Program Leader!

Program Leader’s Advantages over Competition

  • Our software offers one way to do many things.  You are relying upon our project expertise to present you an effective user experience.
  • Many companies don’t allow storing data on a 3rd party cloud.  We don’t use clouds.
  • PC Magazine takes a dim look about software written as spreadsheets. Some competitors do this.  We use database language.
  • Our software is “self-driving”.  When you should be using a feature, we remind you.
  • Your client will trust you more presenting Program Leader’s reports real-time from your laptop in their presence.  But, most clients don’t offer public wi-fi that web-based competitors require.  We offer high-performance laptop-based solutions for that reason.
  • Data Security.  Data resides on your machines and optionally a shared network drive.  No data is saved on third-party servers, unless you choose our hosted option.
  • Customization.  You may want to rename our fields or modify report templates. We can customize Program Leader for you.

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Some Program Leader Features

One of Five Financial Reports Provided

One of Four Financial Reports Provided


Enter Task, Relevant Detail, and Status Here

Budget Risk commitment

Manage Task Budgets, Approvals, Funding Accounts and Authorizations Here

  1. Four targeted Financial Reports let you monitor potential and actual changes.
  2. Keep resources motivated and retained by using the many task fields to describe fully.  This facilitates S. M. A. R. T. goal setting.  You don’t get this in office or Gantt software!
  3. Our budgeting/authorizing layout was honed on a $40 million project.  It is one of the most well thought-out systems available.
float predecessor successor

Link Tasks to Precedessors, Successors

Add .pdfs and Images

Add .pdfs and Images


Add Specifications at Activity Level


Do your needs match these?

Do you have the needs listed below?

Solution: Use the features in Program Leader!


Does your company have no project control system? How would Program Leader help me monitor and control?


Queried Reports

  • See what is due, in-progress, and completed.
  • Report tasks from the viewpoint of sub-project and stakeholder interest.

Dashboard, Metric Reports

  • See aggregate task performance at a glance.
  • See performance from program, project, contractor, and functional manager viewpoints.
  • See what costs have and may be incurred.


Do you track incidental tasks and costs using your own devices?

Features which address this:

Activity Entry Panel

  • Enter tasks, budgets, precedence, scope, and attachments here.
  • Detail the budget with cost code, budget, risk exposure, and commitments. Track who approved expenditures, and who will be paid.

Activity Entry Table

  • Fine-Tune predecessors, successors, and lags

Does the client alter their requests at the next meeting (what client doesn’t)?

Features which address this:

  • Activity Entry Panel – Has space to enter their requests concisely.  Also enter what’s NOT requested.  Type their tasks in their presence, and read back for affirmation!
  • Four-Part Client Report – Print a .pdf of the All Activities window, using the Print button in the footer, at meeting conclusion.  Email it to them.  That will become THE record of the meeting.

Does the client require detailed meeting minutes that are otherwise useless for leading your team?

Clients have allowed Program Leader reports in place of Word documents.  This is much more efficient!

Features which address this:

  • Four-Part Client Report – Organizes meeting agenda into four parts, building teamwork along the way. A real winner!
  • Four-Part Project Report – Same as Client report, but shows task costs.


Are you a small business owner and get overwhelmed by the tasks it takes to run a business?

Features which address this:

  • Metric Reports – Allows you to “divide and conquer” the work.
  • Three Project Types – allows you to separate client deliverables from your organization’s activities
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – allows you to subdivide a project.
  • Site – Allows you to categorize tasks by site or as you choose.


Do you have a large project using expensive Gantt software, but it’s unwieldy for managing incidental tasks?

Features which address this:

  • Project Gantt Chart
  • Project with WBS Gantt Chart
  • Employee Gantt Chart with Resource Loading Dashboard
  • Supervisor Gantt Chart with Resource Loading Dashboard
  • Subcontractor Gantt Chart


Do you hope your client doesn’t call for an impromptu update and you can’t tell where things he/she cares about stand?

Features which address this:

  • Project Report – execute one while on the phone, or
  • WBS Report


Do your tasks have to be done in a sequence but you fear that you can’t forecast the end date with confidence?

Features which address this:

  • Project Gantt Chart
  • Project with WBS Gantt Chart


Do your people get overwhelmed with tasks because you can’t monitor resource loading?

Features which address this:

  • Employee Gantt Chart with Resource Loading Dashboard
  • Supervisor Gantt Chart with Resource Loading Dashboard


When a subcontractor or resource gets behind, and they say your expectation is not what they promised?

Features which address this:

  • Employee Responsible Report – reminds exactly what was required and when
  • Notifications – sends tasks in Excelon a regular schedule to those responsible


Does a department or subcontractor frequently delay you repeatedly but you don’t have organized data to raise the issue?

Features which address this:

  • Supervisor Report
  • Functional Business Unit Report
  • Metric Reports


Do your tasks incur costs but you don’t have a system to manage them?

Features which address this:

  • Financial Entry Tab
  • Four Financial Reports


Do you want polished reports from your data but there’s no easy way to do this?

Features which address this:

  • Execute any of the 15+ Program Leader reports


Reluctant to try new software?

  • 30-day free trial removes the risk of committing funds before you’re certain
  • Imports data from your current work tools.
  • Program Leader starts up in a simpler Basic Mode,
  • A training video starts upon the first use,
  • Choose to view it without clutter or with lots of information.
  • Infocons open Help and start training videos


Don’t have much IT support?

  • No big deal to install and use!
  • Don’t need IT support! Program Leader installs automatically.
  • User can get updates by downloading from this website.  Your data is retained.

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Superiority to Competition...

There’s essentially no other full-featured small project software offered on the market.

  • Our competition serves mostly the IT and media industries.  Construction management software does mostly construction administration (i. e., paperwork).  Competition’s isn’t designed to help you make decisions.
  • Our competition serves my industries but is designed for much larger projects.  Either you pay for highly trained operators, make mistakes, or hunt and peck over and over!
  • As a Project Management Consultant in a Fortune 50 company,  I saw how poorly people understood Microsoft Project™.  They could afford my expertise to coach project managers, but small companies couldn’t!
  • Someone sells a manual for Microsoft SharePoint™ that is over an inch thick!  Program Leader instead is scaled down for industries doing smaller projects.    Our manual is professionally edited, illustrated, and is only 3/16-inch thick!  Plus we have videos to guide usage as well.
  • Don’t want to change your working business systems?  Total office solutions can be expensive and take over your good systems. That can risk the company!  Program Leader is a stand-alone product that leaves your accounting and dispatching software alone.

Case Studies of Program Leader

  • One of Mark’s assignments was taking over a project getting into trouble. It was a $41 million pharmaceutical pilot plant design effort. The client lead was difficult. But the Four-Part report played a key role in making that project successful. Weekly meetings became productive and purposeful.  The client team became part of Mark’s design team.
Dupont-Merck Pilot Plant | PMA Benchmark Facility

$41 million Dupont-Merck Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant

  • Mark managed an $18 million ESCO (i. e. building retrofit) project for 50 buildings.  Many issues came up when trying to integrate the project with the buildings. Program Leader effectively kept it all organized. The client’s glowing testimonial is on the Home page.

Chemical Industry Project | Nuclear Industry Project

How to Become the Most Favored Contractor/Consultant/Engineer-Architect/Supplier

Four Part Titles
Use Four-Part Report to Lead Meetings

Program Leader Features Four-Part Report to Lead Meetings. Start with Back Page, Discuss, and Move Forward in Stack.  Read about the A-5 Leadership Model in our Blog.

Program Leader’s Four-part Client/Program Manager Report sets incredible meeting agendas! Clients depart these meetings believing in your competence.

I’ll never forget the motivated look in my employees’ faces in weekly client meetings.  This was a $41 million pharmaceutical project.  I led the meeting using the Four-part report. The clients supported the tasks, my employees felt the support, and the tasks were within capabilities.

The meeting atmosphere got transformed into something powerful by this report. Program Leader gave me full control over the data. People believed in the data. And employees and client alike learned what they needed to do. They wanted to preserve this atmosphere! These meetings were some of the best times of my career.  Make it happen to you!

Quality Makes It Stand Out!

  1. Download source (for PCs) is “certificated,” that means, a third party (Comodo, Inc.) assures that the Program Leader application that you download comes from the authorized computer that develops it, and from nowhere else.  You see this certification when your computer asks if you want to install the product.  The computer has been protected and backed-up with Norton 360.
  2. Program Leader was written with Filemaker Pro Advanced 14.  Filemaker Pro is a longstanding, respected data handling software.  Filemaker Pro is what “talks with” your computer.  The code that EPC writes “sits atop” Filemaker Pro.  EPC’s never directly interfaces with your computer.  We leave that to Filemaker, Inc.
  3. In order to maintain the fidelity of product downloads, this website is maintained by professionals (Cyberlynk, Inc.) in order to protect your systems.
  4. This website is a Norton Safe Site; Norton conferred this rating in 2016.  We so state in the footer of every webpage.
  5. It’s a Relevant Product: People with decades relevant experience had a part in designing Program Leader.
  6. We Listen to Customers: Features have been added at the request of customers.  You could be one of them!
  7. We Release Product When Its Ready:  As a professional engineer, I have lived the need and obligation to deliver accurate work.  People’s livelihoods and safety were on-the-line. These principles have been applied to this product.
  8. We Designed the Product to Alert You of Your Mistakes:  Program Leader will tell you if your data is logically wrong.  It checks for data omissions before executing any report.
  9. We know Quality Assurance: Microsoft operates a new product for three months before releasing it.   We’ve refined it up to four years.  Platinum-level developers assist. The owner has certification from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, and a Masters degree in Technical Management.
  10. We Protect Your Data:  A copy of data is stored on the user computer.  If you back that up, the data is secure.  Data can be all exported to MS Excel, too.

The Product Described

Notifications Schedule to Six Project Position Types

Notifications Schedule to Six Project Position Types

Activity Entry - Your First Entry Panel!

Activity Entry – As User Sees it First

  1. It’s a task management “app” that operates from a Windows or Macintosh computer.  You get it by downloading it from this site.
  2. You input task, cost, and other information. Program Leader groups and displays in many useful ways.
  3. Features a Notifications function!  This emails due tasks on a pre-determined schedule.
  4. It creates beautiful .pdf reports from templates.
  5. It keeps your data under your complete control. Others in office having Program Leader update task status on a temporary database.
  6. It can save data on a shared folder in a local network.
  7. Program Leader is not offered for a server-based platform.
Group client meeting

How They Can Look When Your Meeting Ends!


How Program Leader helps you Be Prepared


Supervisory Report – One of Nine Like This

Features twenty-four pre-prepared reports!  This makes you ready for encounters with anybody.  Most are task-based reports. Dashboard and Metric reports help you decide follow-up priorities.


Reporting Tab

One Screen to Launch Reports – 24 in All Included!

How?  You receive a phone call from a subcontractor to discuss an issue.  You address their need.  Now, you need to ask about tasks that you had assigned to them. Can you remember them all?  The answer is ‘no,’ for most of us. Instead, execute a report called Functional Business Unit on Program Leader.  This allows you to give immediate feedback!


Graduate away from "Spreadsheet Management"!

Gantt with Baselines and Forecasts. Links are Colored in Col. 1

Gantt with Baselines and Forecasts. Links are Colored in Col. 1

  • Quit managing projects with spreadsheets!  Program Leader has already thought out the reporting gymnastics for you.
  • Could you produce a baselined, forecasted, and predecessor-linked Gantt chart like what’s below?  Hardly!  Program Leader features – five!
  • Most users don’t know how to ensure data quality.  Program Leader checks your entries for completeness before executing reports.  It shows you where data needs to be provided!
  • Program Leader has been tested by the guidelines from the American Software Testing Quality Institute.

Summarizing, Program Leader will become your valued personal assistant for your projects and business!


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