Creating a Motivating Work Environment

Most people desire an open, safe and welcoming environment to work in, for growth and learning. The motivator is for one to do challenging, stimulating and varied work. The key player for this is the leader or manager.

The leader plays an important role in creating a positive environment. Everyone wants an encouraging, interactive and engaging atmosphere. Respect and value also go in this milieu. We all like being able to work together with this type of leader.

Does your manager personify the following characteristics: personable, fun, easygoing, knowledgeable and competent? These personal qualities are powerful in a working setting. They make you feel valued, respected and cared for. We all want to feel appreciated in life. This leads to increasing productivity.

To learn more about how a leader can create this setting, please click on this link: Go to Leading Research, see below Recent Research, hit view all research next to it, see table at bottom with #’s and hit #10.

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