Advantages of Program Leader over Competition

A project manager could learn Program Leader on a Saturday morning at home!

  • Program Leader is designed for the engineering and construction industry segments. That is where I had a career. Many task managers are designed for the IT and media world. For example, one has a group scheduling component. You don’t plan tasks for groups in our industry. We assign so-called group tasks is assigned to the functional lead or manager of a group.
  • You may need to present reports to clients through a projector. But client networks are generally unavailable to outsiders. That is an advantage of a solution running from your laptop.
  • The price is reasonable, it is attractive, has good features for the individual, and it is easy to operate.
  • It’s easy enough to learn in the field during the fast pace of a project. Some competitors require the client to embark upon a business improvement project. Program Leader is an adjunct to your existing systems, not a replacement.
  • Program Leader does not offer a smartphone nor tablet application. But you need a VGA port to make presentations with a projector. You need that capability at a client’s office.
  • More expensive offerings offer more power, but the positive recommendations posted about them appear to come AFTER the pains of implementation are past. In contrast, an individual can get proficient with Program Leader on a Saturday morning!
  • Your data isn’t networked for all to see. Project Managers generally want control over the data put out about their projects. Someone reading an out-of-date activity could drain your time with a meaningless issue.