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Energy Savings Measures Projects

Dupont-Merck Pilot Plant | PMA Benchmark Facility

DuPont-Merck Pharmaceuticals Pilot Plant

Cogeneration Facility | Cryogenic Filtration

Back River Wastewater Methane Cogeneration Project

Chemical Industry Project | Nuclear Industry Project | Fast-Track

Metal Hydride Facility

Research Laboratory | Award-Winning

Chemical Laboratory

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Summary for the Small Project User

Program Leader is Task Management software designed foremost to be easy to use and forgiving.  It will improve your confidence and effectiveness because it features:
  • Step-change capability over free web apps and spreadsheets.
  • It’s far less expensive and risky than competitive offerings that replace business systems.
  • Written by an owner and contractor design/construction project manager whose software creations have been incorporated by prominent organizations.
  • Program Leader supports issue, task, risk, and cost management for projects subject to frequent deviations from project plan or design basis.

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Attractively designed and easily installed, learned, and operated, while forgiving user oversights,  Program Leader offers:
  • Basic mode for newcomers,
  • Guiding dialogs, report templates, tooltips, infocons, help text, wizards, data consistency checks, and training videos.
  • In order to simplify operation, maintenance, and quick response at client’s sites (where WiFi is often private) the product operates from the user’s computer.  This enhances security as external-to-company servers are not employed.


In Small Project Domains, Program Leader documents agreed tasks with project team members:
  • in a way that interactive communication principles found in The One Minute Manager* can be exercised.
  • Program Leader affords the project manager database control so that information can be trusted.
  • Gantt views with predecessor linkage, finish date prediction, and framing by stakeholder context visualize task flow.
  • Performance measurement is achieved with Metric Reports.


Additional Comments for the Large Project User

In Large Project Domains, it facilitates managing and controlling stakeholder engagement while reporting tasks that their reports are responsible to do:
  • in order to contribute to efficient project execution,
  • to add to the project knowledge base,
  • and to suggest when to engage stakeholders so that the owner’s representative and project manager maintain political support.

The PM gains the owner representative’s trust when issues important to the owner’s stakeholders are attended to as promised. Therefore, Program Leader supports: developmental, engineering, construction, owner-managed, systems, and energy service company (ESCO) projects.