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This is all about improving your leadership by helping your integrity.  You want to appear as steadfast, which Program Leader enables by making it so efficient to document what needs to be done.  Clients will view Program Leader as the way to “get their demands right” the first time.  Performing companies will like having a way to hold clients to account to what they wanted originally.

Cogeneration Facility with the Mayor and Engineering Director

Whatever your potential, Program Leader can take you there!  Here I am explaining to the Mayor and Director of Public Works a $14 million facility I built for their city with the help of Program Leader.

We established our firm in 2012 after inventing and refining a successful goal and direction app for years.  Having an app that clearly defined goals and progress, while providing metrics and data validation, step-changed our careers.  We adopted the processes and procedures that defense and space industries use in order to make it ready for sale.  Over 3000 hours have been invested in product design and engineering.  Mainspring Inc., a leading Filemaker software solution provider, has provides us with expert technical consultation.

Program Leader is totally pre-configured allowing it to produce results immediately.  Unlike most project management software, we don’t burden you with setting options or formatting reports.  However, it does not take over your financial and purchasing systems.  That would dilute its power and not add value to the customers that we strive to help.

Your confidence will build and anxiety will fade away when you adopt Program Leader.  It helps you channel stressful situations into solutions.  We promise this based upon long experience.


  • Donald Janssen Dyke Undergraduate Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Research (Princeton University)
  • Chairman’s and President’s Awards (Millennium Chemicals)
  • Finalist, Global Innovation Competition (Johnson Controls, Inc)

American Software Testing Qualifications Board

  • Foundation-Level Certified

Princeton University

  • BSE, Mechanical and Aerospace Sciences

Johns Hopkins University

  • Master of Science in Technical Management

Professional Engineering License

  • Delaware No. 10861 (emeritus)

Project Management Professional

  • Project Management Institute

LEED Green Associate

OSHA 10 and 30 Certified

Mission Statement

  • Offer a stable and user-friendly solution that heightens efficiency with small projects and manages stakeholders for large projects.
  • Improve: project manager effectiveness, happiness, credibility with clients, resource motivation, and cost/risk control.
  • Provide solutions providing step-change productivity improvement
  • Require little skill and no interface with other software (other than the operating system).
  • Help the user appear more professional by highlighting errors and omissions prior to communicating information.

Strategic Objectives & Actions

  • Provide a satisfying experience to any level computer user.
  • Provide customization to clients who could profit from it.
  • Maintain a blog and social media presence with relevant articles, operating tips, upgrade news, and our project management perspectives.

Regarding Competition...

There’s essentially no other full-featured small project software offered on the market.

  • Our competition serves mostly the IT and media industries.  Construction management software does mostly construction administration (i. e., paperwork).  Competition’s isn’t designed to help you make decisions.
  • Our competition serves our target industries but is designed for much larger projects.  Either you pay for highly trained operators, make mistakes, or hunt and peck over and over!
  • As a Project Management Consultant in a Fortune 50 company,  I saw how poorly people understood Microsoft Project™.  They could afford my expertise to coach project managers, but small companies couldn’t!
  • Someone sells a manual for Microsoft SharePoint™ that is over an inch thick!  Program Leader instead is scaled down for industries doing smaller projects.    Our manual is professionally edited, illustrated, and is only 3/16-inch thick!  Plus we have videos to guide usage as well.
  • Don’t want to change your working business systems?  Total office solutions can be expensive and take over your good systems. That can risk the company!  Program Leader is a stand-alone product that leaves your accounting and dispatching software alone.

Quality Emphasis

Design Document - Reports | Software testing

You Simply Want Solutions to Work Perfectly.  Our Test Record for Queried & 4-Part Reports Assures You Quality Performance.

Decision Table for Financial Design for Post | software testing

Program Leader is a Quality Solution! Our Financial Decision Design Document Assures You Totalization Accuracy

Startup Design Chart

Program Leader’s Startup is Governed by this Flow Chart of the Code.  This Forethought Makes Operation Seamless for You!

Case Studies of Program Leader

  • One of Mark’s assignments was taking over a project getting into trouble. It was a $41 million pharmaceutical pilot plant design effort. The client lead was difficult. But the Four-Part report played a key role in making that project successful. Weekly meetings became productive and purposeful.  The client team became part of Mark’s design team.
  • Fast-forward to six years ago, Mark found himself managing an $18 million ESCO (i. e. building retrofit) project for 50 buildings.  Many issues came up when trying to integrate the project with the buildings. Program Leader effectively kept it all organized. The client’s glowing testimonial is on the Home page.



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