Why Program Leader®

Program Leader small project software is smooth as silk.  It’s intuitive.  It’s fast.  It’s rigorously tested.  Great projects earned it pedigree. Now we offer for small projects and programs this peerless product!  

Program Leader Small Project Software addresses these common struggles:

  • Are you an “occasional” project manager, left on your own to perform?

  • Are you a large program or project manager managing stakeholder expectations?

  • Does project closure require more time and effort than you want?

  • Are you frustrated with the programming, version control, and performance limitations of spreadsheets?

  • Does the lack of actionable detail in your Gantt chart become strikingly evident on project day one?

  • Is leading project software too general, demanding, or too narrow in features for your needs?

  • Wouldn’t you prefer software designed by someone with leadership experience in projects, engineering, product development, and industry?

Then you should try Program Leader.  It worked for us in these situations.  Your stress will alleviate, and you’ll sleep better, too!



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