Looking to manage projects better?  Try us!  Program Leader is smooth as silk.  It’s intuitive.  It’s fast.  It’s rigorously tested.  Great projects earned it pedigree.

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  • Do you want to energize clients with your presentations? Watch their jaws drop with our reports.

  • Are you an “occasional” small project manager, left on your own to perform miracles?  You can with us because we know small projects.

  • Are you a large project manager managing stakeholder expectations?  Tame them with us.

  • Want project closure quickly? Drive efficiency with us.

  • Want better information than spreadsheets can give? Escape this “black hole” with us.

  • Want more actionable detail than Gantt charts can give? Get on the ball with us.

  • Wouldn’t you prefer software designed by someone with industrial experience?

    Then be a pro with us.

Try Program Leader today.  You’ll feel better tonight!  



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Now, What Our Clients Say!

“Its detailed orientation gives us confidence in the project manager.”

A. A. State of Maryland – Owner Project Manager

“You’ve produced a great tool that this industry clearly needs.”


VP, Building Management Systems Company, MD

“This is the best change management procedure that I have ever seen!”


V. P. Pharmaceutical Plant Engineering Firm, MA

Program leader is very user friendly for construction and engineering firms. This software has enabled me to attach all of my inspection reports. If you’re a small to medium size business I recommend this software because it’s a tool to help you organize and assign individuals to different tasks during the project. Most project management software is developed for persons with an accounting background. Program leader was developed by an engineer who understands the essence of project management to effectively monitor any project. As a small company I invested in program leader because it was a inexpensive tool to help me run an effective construction consulting business and gain a return on investment. There are also updates for this software to help construction and engineering firms to remain competitive in the marketplace. You don’t have to be an expert with the computer because they’re lots of training videos to help guide you through how to use program leader software to manage construction and manufacturing projects.

L. Jones, Jr.

Owner, Construction Quality Firm, IN